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Welcome to Hinsdale & Oak Brook Women’s Clinic

Your one stop for all your women health care needs. Our doctors can provide for all of your health care needs from services such as well woman annual exams, obstetric visits, to diagnosing and assessing bladder problems. With our onsite lab services, state of the art ultrasounds, and procedure center, our facility can accommodate all of your health care needs.

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Chicago Incontinence Center

We are here to assess your bladder health. Struggling from involuntary urine leakage? Always rushing to the bathroom? Dr. Ramsey, a certified urogynecologist, can help.

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Have an abnormal pap smear?

Hinsdale & Oak Brook Women's clinic are proud users of the DySIS Advanced Cervical Scan. We were one of the first to own one in the U.S. to efficiency diagnosis, prevent, and treat cervical diseases.

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Reassuring technology


One of the first in the USA to use the DySIS™ Advanced Cervical Scan. The DySIS™ Advanced Cervical Scan provides new information to give your doctor a better picture to diagnose, prevent, and treat cervical diseases.

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Meet Dr. Ramsey

Dr. Adam Ramsey

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Meet Dr. O'Malley

Dr. Debra O'Malley

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Dr. Ramsey Testimonials

“Dr. Ramsey is what I would call a "one-stop shop". He does it all in the convenience of his office. You can get a pap smear, ultra sound and bone density test done all in the same appointment. Dr. Ramsey is very respectful and explains everything very thoroughly. So happy having him for my doctor!”

– April 27, 2015 by Judith B. (Verified Patient)

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Dr. O'Malley Testimonials

“I Felt Very Comfortable With Dr. OMalley. Her Excellent Bedside Manners Made The Exam Much Easier. She Is Thorough With Explanations And Will Answer All Your Questions. I Finally Found Someone I Really Like! Her Staff Was Excellent As well. Thank You!”

– May 4, 2015 by Julie Z. (Verified Patient)

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